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In a year that brought so many amazing albums, Two Gallants produced one of my favorites of 2012 (The Bloom and the Blight) — so when I found out they had a stop of their west coast tour at Barboza on January 18 {this Friday!}, I was unbelievably excited. I imagine that this duo is going to produce a night full of energy-rich rock songs that, coupled with some heartfelt acoustic ballads, will make for a magical evening. 

The Bloom and the Blight is the band's first album after a five-year hiatus, and marks quite a departure from the bands' previous sound. With the opening track, "Halcyon Days," along with "Ride Away," Two Gallants definitely make their commanding presence quite clear. But, it's songs like "Sunday Souvenirs" and "Broken Eyes" (my personal favorite) that showcase their beautiful acoustic side. Both facets explode with emotional lyrics and heavy melodies, enhanced by lead singer and guitarist Adam Stephens' raw vocals. 

Every time I listen to The Bloom and the Blight I am constantly surprised by how caught off guard I am, and I'm excited to see this reflected in their live show. You should come! Advance tickets are still available here.

{$15 adv / 21+ / 7 p / Future Twin opens.}