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If you remember reading about Seattle's own Shane Curry in the Stranger last year, you may be wondering where this Band of the Week has been all this time. Well, the answer is, off making incredible new music.Mr. Shane "Brown Eyes" Curry

Mr. Curry is back with a new band, The Milky Whites, and he's been incredibly prolific. His myspace offers 10 (supposedly) unfinished demoes for download, which sound more like perfectly polished studio hits. 

The songs are amazingly diverse and infectious; most of them have already made their way onto my summer playlist. From the musician's mouth, "The quickest way to describe [the music] is Jon Brion meets Harvey Danger meets a slew of Broadway musicals with a dash of They Might Be Giants and Ben Folds… and a hint of regular Nintendo."

My favorites so far are the upbeat, poppy "To the Le Baron," which laments the death of a much-loved old car, and the more rockin' "Monster Mash On My Mind." 

Honestly, I can't imagine that these songs are rejects from the upcoming album, set to release something this summer. Whatever songs made it onto the actual record must be mind-blowing, maybe scarily so. Still, I can't wait to find out.

Although The Milky Whites haven't planned any shows and the CD release date is still ambiguous, the free demo download containing 10 incredible songs is available on his myspace. Download it immediately, you really can't afford not to have these tracks on your media-playing device this instant!

Here's Shane Curry singing the charming "Hey Four Eyes."