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Looking for indie rock kicks on Saturday night? The Sunset Rubdown show at Chop Suey might just be the ticket.

Touring on the back-to-basics Dragonslayer, this show promises to be phenomenal. The combination of the intimate space of Chop Suey and the richness and intensity of Spencer Krugs’ vocals seem to be well suited for eachother and will lend themselves to a night of spectacular music.

Touring with them are Elfin Saddle and Witchies. Elfin Saddle are a Montreal-based band, with a  sound very similar to Seattle minimalists PiANO if they were more folk in their instrumentation and added a Joanna Newsome / Laura Viers type female vocalist. Witchies are also Montreal-based and appear to be strongly influenced, not unlike Spoon, by late 70s rock and roll, with darker tones.