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Yay! The indie rock gods have listened to my incessant crying for a new Superchunk record! They will release a new EP titled Leaves in the Gutter April 7th, just in time for their performence at this year's Coachella! Maybe this will spawn a tour of non-festivals for those who can't handle the crowds?*

Track Listing:
1. Learned to Surf 2. Misfits & Mistakes 3. Screw It Up 4. Knock Knock Knock 5. Learned to Surf (acoustic demo)

From the mouth of Mac Macaughn:

“Some of these songs are newer than others, but we kind of felt like if we're going to get to work on a new album we need to clear the decks of these songs first. A couple of them I really like but they already feel like they're from another era and wouldn't fit on a new album anyway, and the newer ones are from the new era but we've recorded them and they sound good so here they are. Now, when we play them live, someone might have actually heard them before!"

This 5 track EP will feature 3 new tracks ("Misfits and Mistakes" was released as a limited edition picture 7" for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force soundtrack), and in classic Superchunk style, an acoustic demo of the first track "Learned to Surf". 

In celebration of this, here's one of my favorite music videos ever, for Superchunk's "Watery Hands".

* note: I actually did brave the crowds at Bumbershoot last year to see Superchunk play an amazing set of very little material released post-1996 to a surprisingly receptive Death Cab for Cutie audience, but Coachella is a bit too much for me.