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Three Imaginary Girls, Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP 91.7FM to present a showcase of bands at SXSW 2007, including the Zebras, BOAT, The Manhattan Love Suicides, Tullycraft, The Faintest Ideas, and Palomar. Thursday afternoon, March 15th, at Lovejoy’s in Austin, TX

Seattle, WA, February 21, 2007 —Hold onto yer cowboy hat and grab yer imaginary pardner, doh-se-doh! It’s almost time for an Indie Pop Hootenanny!!, Seattle’s sparkly indie-pop press, is pleased as punch to announce their first-ever showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas, with co-sponsors Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP 91.7FM. The event will take place at Lovejoy’s in Austin on Thursday, March 15, 2007, from 12-6p. The show is free to the public, with free beer (free beer!!), and delightful live music from the following international pop superstar bands:

  • 12p: The Zebras (Brisbane, Australia)
  • 1p: The Manhattan Love Suicides (Leeds, UK)
  • 2p: BOAT (Seattle, WA)
  • 3p: Tullycraft (Seattle, WA)
  • 4p: The Faintest Ideas (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • 5p: Palomar (Brooklyn, NY)

“Liz and I had so much fun at last year’s SXSW, we knew we wanted to come back and host a party of our own. We think we Northwest girls can entertain as well as any Southern belles… so c’mon out now, ya hear?” said imaginary girl Dana.

“It will be like spending an afternoon in a beer commercial bizarro world! We’ll be hanging out at Lovejoy’s with some kegs of Austin-brew, listening to delicious indie-pop from all over the world. Now that’s what imaginary Spring Break memories are made from! Suck on that, Coors!” said imaginary girl Liz.

“Come check out the Manhattan Love Suicides at their first-ever US show,” said Curt Kentner, co-owner of Magic Marker Records. “And drink of Lovejoy’s finest!”

Three Imaginary Girls would love to meet ya’ll in real life… and would love to raise a beer or two (or six) to their Northwest pals too. Please stop by! C’mon by now and say hi to your imaginary friends!

It’s all so exciting, isn’t it? Please address all questions, comments, or other SXSW showcase recommendations to

WHAT: SXSW 2007 Indie Pop Hootenanny. Co-sponsored by Three Imaginary Girls, Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP
WHERE: Lovejoy’s. 604 Neches St Austin, TX 78701
WHEN: Thursday, March 15, 2007 from 12-6p. 21+.
COST: Free. Free beer too, while supplies last.


The Zebras
Blending Teenage Fanclub soft guitar jangles and Go Betweens modesty, The Zebras make their Aussie lineage proud with sunny harmonies and sweet vocals for the simple pop purist in each of us.
Label: Lost & Lonesome

Seattle’s lo-fi troubadours celebrate their DIY ethic with smart, catchy songs and – if we’re lucky – toy instrument play-alongs.
Label: Magic Marker Records

The Manhattan Love Suicides
This Leeds foursome’s fuzzed-out dream-pop recalls not only JAMC, but also the willowy female vocals of C86 alumni, the Shop Assistants.
Label: Magic Marker Records

Tullycraft has secured a firm place in the hearts of indie-popsters everywhere with their delectable pop songs of awkward emotion and clever adorability. The band is in the midst of recording their new album so the usual critically acclaimed “Twee as Fuck” shtick will be peppered with brand new hook-laden songs (due for mid-2007 release).
Label: Magic Marker Records

The Faintest Ideas
The Faintest Ideas songs whiz by in less than 30 minutes, all crashing guitars and knocked-over drums, like Swedes doing their best impression of Wedding Present and Boyracer.
MP3: Gothenburg, Sweden
Label: Magic Marker Records

Palomar is a three-lady and one man outfit that hails from Brooklyn. They are part Fastbacks, part Talulah Gosh, and will charm you with girl-next-door coyness.
Label: Misra Records