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Just announced: a FREE (all ages of course) show by Terri Tarantula at one of the most fan-friendly record stores in Seattle – Georgetown Records in Georgetown. Above is a hilarious promotional video that somehow reminds me of something else I’ve seen somewhere (damn straight!) …

Terri Tarantula is fronted by Terri Moeller, who became internationally well known as the drummer for poetic power folk band The Walkabouts (a delightfully different sounding group from around the time of Sub Pop explosion, a label they released several records on). She was further adored by fans of fun, mature art-pop group Transmissionary Six from early to late 2000s, and released her first TT full length earlier this year.

Terri M. is going to have a full band again for this one Saturday night (5pm to 7pm), and four new songs will be premiered, plus an obscure cover version the band is challenging audiences to guess where from. I haven’t seen Terri Tarantula since her stripped down shows earlier this year so I will “hatch this plan!”

For a taste of TT’s music: