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I first heard about Vera Drew’s THE PEOPLE’S JOKER because of its legal challenges – DC tryin’ to lock down something that is so obviously a parody is of course, completely ridiculous, but big companies are gonna big company. Eventually justice prevailed, and I’m SO FUCKING HAPPY everything aligned to get this film distribution (by Altered Innocence – they are for real putting out the BEST STUFF) and a proper release. 

THE PEOPLE’S JOKER reimagines the queer coming-of-age story by setting it in a fictional world painted in comic book colors. As Joker the Harlequin, Vera Drew grapples with gender identity, toxic relationships, and unexpected fame set in a Gotham City where comedy is outlawed (except for one government-sanctioned, sanitized show). After Joker teams up with The Penguin to create an illegal anti-comedy club she quickly falls in love Mr. J – who has some unfortunate baggage in the form of a “caped” ex-boyfriend that just can’t leave him alone. 

I don’t want to say too much more about the plot, because I feel like a BIG part of the experience is seeing everything unfold in real time. It’s a mind-blowingly brilliant, wholly original piece of art – totally unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A gorgeous creation of mixed media with live action, animation, and visual effects.  Bold, funny, and touching as hell. Drew lights up the screen with her authentic voice, and it will be an absolute pleasure to see what she puts on screen next. 

THE PEOPLE’S JOKER also features some great cameos from Tim Heidecker, Bob Odenkirk, Maria Bamford, and Scott Aukerman. 

THE PEOPLE’S JOKER is in no way created by, endorsed by, or affiliated with DC Comics