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This morning I woke up and checked the news to hear about the collapse of the bailout loans for Ford, General Motors and Chrysler (which would have give them upwards of $14 billion dollars).

I am still uncertain as to whether or not we should let Detroit collapse or not (I have no sympathy for companies that spend their fortunes fighting every fuel efficiency law proposed (and that includes the Democratic congressional delegation from Michigan) but I also don't want to see hundreds of thousands of people put out of work – especially at this given moment when the economy can probably not afford to absord those losses.

Anyway, the point of this post is that all day long I've been listening to The White Stripes' song "The Big Three Killed My Baby" (from the 1999 self-titled album) and it seems especially appropriate today. I especially like this verse where Jack White sings in his contemptuous sneer:

Why dont you take the day off and try to repair
A billion others dont seem to care
Better ideas are stuck in the mud
The motors runnin' on Tucker's blood
Dont let them tell you the future's electric
'Cause gasolines not measured in metric

Here's the song: