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 Just picked up this news via The Croc's Twitter. (About the music biz on Twitter: you thought I was just blowing smoke like Michael Phelps, didn't you? It's ok. I still like you.) 

The new, green, logo: 

 The new show:

Dr. Dog
April 14th, 2009 (tix)

Dr. Dog self-describes: "Dr. Dog is a musical band from the greater West Philadelphia area. We are interested in three-part harmonies, the out-of-doors, hoagies, vegetables and diminished chords."

Hmmm. Fleet Foxes of the east, perhaps?

The new(er) name:

The Crocodile is now just The Crocodile. The "Cafe" part of the name is gone. Which is just as well, since no one ever called the old incarnation by its full name. Think they'll ever shorten it to The Croc? We all just call it that anyway.