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For the love of all things verbose, our lyrically adept Northwest neighbors are certainly going at it full-force these days. Seriously. The Decemberists are currently about to do a full album performance at SXSW, a simultaneous NPR live stream, plus side projects, poster contests, track releases, special vinyl issues, and listening parties (and autograph sessions) for the upcoming release of the new album, The Hazards of Love.

Phew. I'm tired just typing all that. Here's some technicals:

  • Tonight, KMRIA will be performing with the Minus 5 at the Tractor, for no less than Pogues cover night. KMRIA endeavors have traditionally included, among members of the Eels and Minus 5, the Decemberists' own Chris Funk and Jenny Conlee. Woot!
  • The much-anticipated Hazards of Love will be available this coming Tuesday, both digitally via iTunes and wax-style at some local mom & pop shops. The rest of the free world will have to wait until the official release, on 3/24. On top of all that, you can pre-order bundles through the Decemberists' webshop, laden with extra trinkets and whack-o autographed giveaways.
  • The day after that, on 3/18, NPR will be broadcasting the live performance of THoL, in it's entirety, from Stubb's at SXSW. Check NPR for local listings / streamings, and get the party started at midnight (Central time).
  • And, the whole rad poster thing is going on. But you already knew about that.
  • Still with me? Good, because there's one more: there's several listening parties brewing to celebrate the official release of THoL, including our very own Queen Anne Easy Street at 11p on 3/23 (with a midnight sale following). And our friends in PDX will be able to catch Colin & Co. in the flesh at Music Millenium the next day, from 6p – 8p for an autograph session. Full details on the Decemberists' homepage, here.

Wows. Oh, and Oregonians (and road-trip oriented Seattleites) can start lining up for tickets: the band will be playing two shows in Troutdale, OR at the Edgefield Amphitheatre, with none other than Andrew Bird and Blind Pilot. Presale tickets on 3/16 here, and public sale on 3/21 here.

With all the HoTL buzz these days, I thought I'd take us back to '02-ish and a release from Castaways and Cutouts, via some video. Enjoy.