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If there's one thing I've been consistent about, it is posting here every time the saintly people of the Northwest Film Forum screen a new 35mm print of a classic Woody Allen film (he's my favorite filmmaker; see here and here) and they're up to it again, with Hannah and Her Sisters beginning a week-long run starting on Friday.

As the NWFF calendar describes it:

Woody Allen's ANNIE HALL began a decade-long string of masterpieces from the director – one of the most consistent runs in American cinema. HANNAH AND HER SISTERS is perhaps Allen's warmest film, a vital, expressive and upbeat work from the notoriously pessimistic director. A series of marital misunderstandings and emotional complications mushroom as Hannah (Mia Farrow) and sisters (Barbara Hershey and Dianne Wiest – who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for this role) tangle with mates, parents and friends over the course of two years, beginning and ending at family Thanksgiving dinners. This film earned Allen an Oscar for Best Screenplay and a nomination for Best Director.

It runs from Friday, February 29 through Thursday, March 6 with showtimes at 7 and 9pm. Tickets are $8.50 ($5 for NWFF members).

I wonder how much time will lapse until we get a week of Crimes and Misdemeanors.