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They're young, ferociously passionate, with a progressive sound both energetic and expansive. They are called The Oregon Donor and they are one of the very best live bands that I've encountered in the past few months. I saw them, fronted by the mysterious and ecstatic E. Christopher Rabbit, play songs from previous and upcoming EPs at a label showcase for Burning Buildings that had many other great artists too.

Tonight they are in Seattle from Anacortes to play Chop Suey. They've played out with everyone from The Thermals to Seattle's own Velella Velella so you might assume they have power and melody going on pretty consistently. I am going to brave the cold wet weather to drop in and see them wail and rail on stage again, hoping the snow doesn't stick outside and we can all get home safely.

It's $6 at the door, which opens at 8 PM. Opening up the night is eaven Til and Gaetana.