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On John in the Morning's Monday, Nov. 23 show on KEXP, John Richards will be playing music from the debut of LoveLand, "The Beautiful Truth," and telling a little bit about it. What he might mention is that it is the first album by LoveLand, and also its last. LoveLand is the moniker for John Spalding, who people might remember as the guitar player and creative driving force in several Seattle bands, Ninety Pound Wuss, Raft of Dead Monkeys, and others. John has terminal cancer and probably will have passed away before most of you will get to hear the whole glorious, semi-psychedelic, very soulful twelve song creation he put ten years into.

As friends and family have been circling John in the hospital bed set up in his house, many of those coming to wish him well are also co-creators of the music he's been tracking since 2006, coordinated at four different Seattle studios by guys like Matt Bayles (Minus The Bear) and Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes). Andrea Zollo of Pretty Girls Make Graves and Triumph of Lethargy sings gloriously on the record, and there are contributions from his contemporaries in Blood Brothers, Minus The Bear, These Arms Are Snakes, and other lauded post-hardcore bands.

Tune in to KEXP to hear LoveLand's "The Beautiful Truth" while it has been bumped up to medium rotation by the station's Music Director Don Yates, and with Mr. Richards himself giving it his endorsement, maybe it will find a label and more press soon.