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Sometimes I wonder about the universe. For example, today, while browsing this news, I found this:

Rapper Coolio, who topped the pop charts in 1995 with the Grammy-winning tune "Gangsta's Paradise," will star in a reality TV show for women's cable network Oxygen.

Really? Let us dissect this further.

  1. Coolio, still referred to as a rapper.
  2. He hasn't had a hit in 17 years.
  3. He is getting his own reality show.
  4. On OXYGEN, Television for Women. Now, when you combine these four things, what you should get is nausea and vomiting, but instead you get a TV exec who greenlit (greenlighted?) this.

This show will be called Coolio & The Gang and will star Coolio himself raising six teenage children. Who knew having many, many children could be so profitable! Amusingly, it says it will show Coolio raising the kids "while maintaining his rap career". Sorry Coolio, you already struck out on that count!

So, for a grey Tuesday (in Davis, CA), here is "1,2,3,4 (Sumthin' New)"