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A little late on the uptake, but if you're looking for something to fill your unemployed, or otherwise bored-stiff, time there a couple of really great shows happening this week!

I covered all of this over at KEXP for their weekly Three Imaginary Girls column, and while the Kid's Dance Party for Father's Day is over (and was a super success!) and White Rabbits entertained us with dual drumming last night at the Croc, there are still a couple more excellent opportunities to get your music on.

Major Lazer Feat. Diplo and Switch at Neumo’s Thursday June 25th

A dance party of ANOTHER kind, Major Lazer featuring Diplo and Switch, will shakedown Neumo’s this Thursday. Their superhero action-packed collaboration may prove to be the most entertaining music event of the week. Major Lazer’s album from this year, Hold the Line, features everything from bubbles to crashing glass to dial tones to horse whinny samples. Their sound is chopped and mixed, part Missy Elliott-infused dub and frenetic cyber-electro sounds. Dance music of the future perhaps? Future OR present, Major Lazer’s musical duds will rustle and tussle at Neumo’s. Be prepared to dance.

Bill Callahan plays the Triple Door Saturday June 27

If I could pick any voice in the world for my dream man to have, it would be Bill Callahan’s hands down. He’s THAT good. His sound has changed a bit throughout the years (he is very prolific). Some of his early stuff as Smog, like Julius Caesar, was all muddy distortion, grainy and unrefined, though not unlovable. In contrast, his later stuff like Dongs of Sevotion and A River Ain’t Too Much To Love took on a more emotive chamber-folk sound, truly identifying him as a lo-fi underground folk rocker. Post-Smog, as plain ole Bill Callahan, his band sound has evolved to include more instruments like cello, French horn and organ. Every album of his is like a self-portrait, repainted as he changes along with the cycle of life.