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I’m sure all you rabid Harry Potter fans were probably at the midnight show and have maybe even seen it 2 or 3x since then, so I don’t need to tell anyone THAT’s playing. 500 Days of Summer

Instead, go see:

1. (500) Days of Summer at the Guild 45th: Utter adorableness, and believe it or not, refreshingly different. My SIFF review’s here – and I intend to make all my friends see it at some point this summer!

2. Army of Darkness at Fremont Outdoor Cinema: Classic Raimi & Campbell at his best. “That was just pillow talk, baby”. (that’s really all I need to say).

3. Audience of One at the Northwest Film Forum: Just the description of this documentary fascinates me and gives me the wigs at the same time: A pastor starts his own Christian film company and tries to make an epic entitled “Star Wars meets The Ten Commandments.” Um. Yeah.

Play all day at The Bite and the beach, then cool off in the theater at night. You know you wanna.