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Alright you guys. Just in case you didn’t know: the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival Box Office is NOW OPEN! And while there are more films I want to see than are (probably) humanly possible for 1 girl to do in 4 weeks, I thought I’d give you a jumping off point by recommending 3 I’m excited about.


Life During Wartime: Directed by Todd Solondz – I know his films aren’t for everybody, but I honestly think the guy is kinda brilliant. This one is a sequel to Happiness, continuing the stories of the same characters, but with different actors. While I’ll miss Jane Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman, I’m excited to see Paul Reubens and Alison Janney this time around.


Splice: A freaky genetically engineered life form, Adrien Brody AND Sarah Polley? Anytime someone mashes my greatest fear and my greatest crushes together, there’s NO WAY I’m missing it. I’m a little surprised they show as much of the creature as they do in the preview, but I’m still convinced it’ll be awesome.


Cairo Time: Sure, this could be your typical sexual-tension/romantic situation/dramedy – but a) I’m a sucker for those (most times) and b) I have two words for you: Particia Clarkson. That woman is amazing and can make any movie, no matter how bad, rock. I’m so there.

You can find the full schedule online here – and they also have the SIFFter and iSIFF app available again this year, so it’s easier than ever to plan your SIFF experience and buy tix.