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Paper Heart: Playing at both the Neptune and AMC Pacific Place, this darling romantic sort-of mockumentary follows LA comedian and performance artist Charlyne Yi around the country as she asks the question “Does true love exist?” and ends up falling for Michael Cera (her real-life boyfriend). You can read my write up from SIFF here.

It’s one of my favorite films of the year and I’m inclined to see it again, will definitely buy the DVD, and am very excited that Ms. Yi will be performing at Bumbershoot (all 3 days!). If this film is any indication of how charming and funny she is, I’m sure her live show is spectacular.


Ex-Drummer: The Seattle Premiere of this Belgium film at the Northwest Film Forum has already gathered tons of buzz – and it seems like it totally deserves it. I can’t say it any better than NWFF can, so here’s an excerpt from their site:

Somewhere in Belgium a deaf guitar player, a stiff-armed bassist and a psychopathic guitarist-vocalist with a lisp form a rock band for a one-off performance. The trio lacks a drummer so they seek the services of a celebrity author, who also has a reputation as a drummer, to fill the role.  Out of this mess is born The Feminists, a quasi-disabled punk rock band whose journey towards its only gig drags almost everybody involved down a black hole of abuse, exploitation and death.

There’s no translation in this trailer, but it looks awesome:


The Dark Crystal: Jim Henson’s dark puppet fantasy from 1982 is playing at the Central Cinema, which is the perfect complement to the Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibit at the EMP|SFM. If you’re not a fan of fantasy, you may find Gelflings Jen & Kira a bit annoying – but the sets and puppetry are so mind-blowingly amazing, it’s easy to geek out for hours on all the spectacular detail. Plus, Fizzgig (Gelfling Kira’s “pet”) is hilarious, and the whiny Skeksis Chamberlin slays me every time.

The Dark Crystal Fizzgig