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Saturday June 11th. Picture the scene: Three Imaginary Girls gathered at the best radio station on the planet and played some of our favorite local tracks of the moment on the local Northwest music show, Audioasis. Lisa Wood hosted the event, and was lovely as ever. In case you were wondering, getting to play our current favorite songs by Pacific NW bands rules. We still can't believe we get to do it.

Here's our set list, with a bit of off-the-air imaginary commentary.

{7:11} Infomatik — "The Mechanical Bride"
Infomatik have long been an imaginary favorite, and their forthcoming release Technologies sounds amazing. It's edgy, electronic, jagged post-new wave goodness.

This track will also be available on a local music compilation called Strength in Numbers, which also features tracks from RazRez, the Jeunes, Rosyvelt, Math and Physics Club, C'est Le Mort, Bullet Club. Stay tuned to Three Imaginary Girls for more info about a CD release show.

But you don't have to wait for that, you can hear songs from the new album {Technologies} a couple times before then. First, Infomatik will be celebrating the release of Technologies' with a party on Friday, June 17th 8p at the Bus Stop (on Capitol Hill near Bimbo's). Later this summer, TIG will be sponsoring Infomatik on Friday, July 22nd w/ Wesafari, Levi Fuller and the Library, Water Kill the Sun at the Sunset.

So you have no excuse not to catch Infomatik at least once this summer.

{7:15} The Elephants — "New Age Trees"
The Elephants shot to my personal "favorite new band of the momenet" list within seconds of hearing "New Age Trees," the first track on their self-titled, debut record. The record blends all my favorite things about Echo and the Bunnymen, the Magnetic Fields, and the Shins into a sumptuous aural feast. This band is amazing. And they're from Tacoma. Who woulda thunk it?

They've got a show at the Crocodile on Saturday June 18, and they're playing an imaginary showcase on Monday, July 11 at Chop Suey with The Baskervilles and Key Note Speaker. Say you saw them when!

{7:18} Math & Physics Club — "White and Grey"
It's no secret how much Three Imaginary Girls hearts Math and Physics Club. "White and Grey" is from their latest EP, Movie Ending Romance, which is due for release mid-July on Matinée Records. Usually I am a sucker for the janglier, happier tunes on a given release. But, this track makes my heart flutter, even though it isn't the feelgood love song on the cd. I am addicted to its sharp-tongued, yet contemplative jabs… "There's no easy fix in your bag of tricks".

TIG is so excited to be sponsoring their EP release show on Thursday, July 28th at Chop Suey. It's ALL AGES and Tullycraft and Vancouver's Salteens will be rounding out the bill. Pack up the wee ones and join us.

{7:27} Blue Checkered Record Player — "Reality"
Blue Checkered Record Player is the moniker for Sonny Votolato, guitarist for Slender Means (and formerly of Fields of Mars and Bugs in Amber). This track comes from a three-song demo EP mailed out to press in anticipation of the full length album that will be released sometime later this summer. The songs are gentle and lovely, evoking inevitable comparisons to song-writing greats like Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. And in this case, they're warranted.

You can see BCRP on another TIG-sponsored bill on Saturday, July 9th at the Sunset. He / they will be opening for Bullygrunt and Tullycraft. The show is all-ages, starts at 4p, and costs only 4 bucks. Really, there's no reason not to be there. I bet there won't even be a line at that fabulous Oaxacan restaurant next door to the Sunset. Rock out to jangly indie pop and then go feast at La Carta De Oaxaca. Now THAT'S a plan!

{7:30} Tugboat Country — "Stand Up"
Tugboat Coutry was a complete surprise for us. We made a last minute plunge into the mail bin before heading down to the radio station and out came TC. Their self-titled release on Blade of Grass Records was recorded at Egg Studios with Conrad Uno. It's a little bit country, and a lot bit of pop-rock and roll. And their next show is July 3rd at the 29th Annual Wooden Boat Festival on South Lake Union in Seattle. On top of the solid cd, I admire their great execution on a theme. Toot, toot.

{7:33} The Divorce — "Deny! Deny! Deny!"
The Divorce's release There Will be Blood Tonight ranked high among our favorite releases of 2003. I still get excessively giddy when I hear it. I'm not the only one, I think it is safe to say that all of Seattle is counting down to the release of their follow-up release.

You can imagine our glee when their label, Made in Mexico Records, passed us a copy of The Gifted Program and granted permission to debut a track from it on KEXP nearly three months before its release {it is due out in September}. Consider "Deny! Deny! Deny!" a teaser. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe there will be another such teaser between now and the release.

{7:37} Hot Rollers — "Black & Blue"
This track is from Down and Derby, a compilation for the Rat City Roller Girls released on Bruised Wax Records. The Hot Rollers is a trio that specializes in five parts attitude to one part Ronettes coy. We can't think of a better way to round out our time in the studio than with a song that cracked a punk rock whip in the name of those white-hot Rat City Roller Girls.

{7:29} Sick Bees — "Go
d Will Stop Yer Party"

Usually when you find a 23 second song that is so catchy and infectious that it reaches "catch phrase" status by the third listen are Old Navy commercials. In this case, it is the last track on the new Sick Bees album, The Marina Album on UP Records. I've often wondered, "Who will stop yer party?" Now I know. "God will stop yer party!"

Who will stop yer party?

God will stop yer party!!!

Jeeesh… that is STILL super-funny! We can't stop exclaiming it!