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Saturday May 7th, Three Imaginary Girls played some of our favorite local tracks of the moment on KEXP's local Northwest music show, Audioasis. Lisa Wood hosted the event, and despite my minor on-air brochitis attack (I was too busy coughing to notice that the mics were on!), I think a fabulous time was had by all.

Here's our set list, with a bit of off-the-air imaginary commentary.

{7:08} The Conversation Heart — "Candy Bitches"
I am so impressed by the new album, Grenadine, by the The Conversation Heart. This track offers proof of the record's sugary hooks and boy sass vocals. Its chorus is more infectious that chicken pox in pre-school. I believe igDana told Lisa that it's the unofficial imaginary theme song for summer. It just might be true.

{7:12} The Catch – "All About Me"
Liz and I love the brand-new-this-week Catch release Get Cool so much we nearly came to blows over which song to play on the air. She wanted to play track two {"Wait"}, and I wanted to play track six {"Empty Your Pockets"} for it's infectious "nah nah nah nah nah nahs!". It came down to an arm wrestle, and we won't tell you who won — because we're all winners with this release, as every track is a bauble. Ugh, that was an awful joke. Char, what's up next?

{7:14} Tullycraft – "Molly's Got a Crush on Us"
Speaking of brand new releases, Disenchanted Hearts Unite by mainstay local band Tullycraft was also released this week. And yes, we sang backup vocals on this song. If you are in a band and you need any "nahs" or "bahs" or "oohs" or "ahhs," Three Imaginary Girls will likely come and sing, if you ask us!

And handclap!

We are mean handclappers!

I might even branch out and attempt a tambourine shake or two, for the right local band.

{7:16} Black Nite Crash – "Soft Focus"
Black Nite Crash gave us this unreleased exclusive, and we thank them. Their latest recordings sound amazing. You can hear them at their MySpace site.

{7:27} Dear Darling – "El Dorado National Forest"
This is track is from the somber and lovely Dear Darling release Songs Of Friends And Family. "El Dorado National Forest" is the perfect beginning to a dreamy mix tape for your secret crush, and not just because their name is Dear Darling.

{7:30} New Bad Things — "I Suck"
Hark, New Bad Things is my new favorite old band! I heard them for the first time a week ago and immediately fell in love. You can imagine the heartbreak when, moments after proclaiming my love, I found out that they had already broke up… years ago. Don't you hate it when that happens? But that still didn't stop me from spending last Friday afternoon ebay-ing their entire collection. Not that I ever spend my Friday work afternoons doing anything other than my day-job.



I did find the entire collection, and was so awe-struck that I didn't even check the seller's history before taking the advantage of the "Buy It Now" option.

{7:35} An American Starlet — "There are Times I Know I Have it Coming"
What an honor to be the first to play this unreleased song from alt-country band An American Starlet. It was recorded live—in frontman Ian Parks' living room—without any overdubs and on the first take. The result is a spectacular sound and, lucky for us, that's how they plan on recording their entire new album.

That's all we've got for this time. We're already planning for our next setlist, so go ahead and send your local CDs our way. We'll be on the air next on June 11th, and At the Spine and Cantona will be performing live.

Good times!