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Remember when we heard about Jack White calling up some DJs in Chicago and chewing them out for playing the White Stripes' last record, Icky Thump, before it was released?

Well, now that the Raconteurs' newest album, Consolers of the Lonely, has found its way on to some of the internets, it looks like it might be time for Mr. White to make another angry phone call… to Steve Jobs.

Sez Maura Johnston at Idolator:

Looks like the iTunes Store accidentally leaked the Raconteurs' Consolers Of The Lonely a few days before its Tuesday release–reports are filtering in from people who successfully purchased the album on both the US and UK versions of the iTunes store, and it's apparently popping up on the peer-to-peer services as well. (In the interest of reporting, I tried buying the record, only to be greeted with a "This album is no longer available" message.) Who among us would not love to be listening in on that angry phone call from Jack White?

The album was mastered at the beginning of THIS MONTH and is scheduled for release next Tuesday, partially as a means of thwarting rock critics from evaluating the record before the public can. [When film studios refuse to hold advance screenings of movies for critics it's the first clue the flick sucks, btw.]

I used to believe the Marshall McLuhan scene in Annie Hall was the funniest thing imaginable. Now I think it's Jack White not getting his way.