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photo by Matt Beverly (from over 15 years, Canadian pop-rock band Sloan has been one of the most consistent and well-known bands north of the border.

It has also had tremendous difficulty over the years finding an audience in the US. No matter how hard the band tries or how many good to great records it puts out (8 total, plus one live album and a singles compilation), Sloan has yet to catch on here. That makes each American stop an especially rare treat. Tonight at Neumo's marks one such event.

Promoting its latest release, Never Hear the End of It, which is thirty (!) songs of the same power-pop that has defined its career thus far (think somewhere in between the Beatles and Big Star). While it is a little more avant-garde than usual (8 songs clock out after 90 seconds or less), the catchy harmonies and pop hooks are still there.

I don't know what the band is like live, but it has a deep catalogue of hundreds of swell songs to choose from. Many of my friends were lucky enough to attend Sloan shows previously swear they are amazing. I am very anxious to see Sloan live – not the least of which because I have no idea when the next opportunity will be.

Opening is Los Angeles band The 88, who has a single called "Hide Another Mistake" that is one of the catchiest songs in recent memory. This could be one of the best lineups all spring.