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The Theater Fire spin tales awash with which-way vagabonds, lovers in trouble and tragic wrong-doers caught in webs of want. Zydeco, bluegrass, country and mariachi styles meld together into a calmly sauntering style so true to the region it’s scary. Purveyors of music for a simpler time, but in no less of a passionate way, the Theater Fire make darn honest music told through the lens of the multi-instrumental music of the swampy south. You’re taken through ghost towns and tumbleweed entangled fences… you’re introduced to the way Texas music sounded long ago, the way it SHOULD sound, slow and important.

After living it up in NYC, recording a jazz record and briefly joining the circus, Robert Gomez returned to his collegiate roots in Denton, Texas. Along with recording his second album, Brand New Towns, Robert has worked in collaboration with History at Our Disposal, Sarah Jaffe and South San Gabriel. He whispers his lyrics over lush instrumentation, his sound resonantly simple and pretty yet not without dimension.

Robert Gomez and the Theater Fire together are a Texas twosome to be sure, their music filled with longing and wisdom, sounding deeply southern and rustic, self-deprecating to a fault. If you could use a little authenticity in your life, a little dust on the boots and a little scoot in your boogy don’t miss The Theater Fire, Robert Gomez and Trespassers William at the Tractor Tavern on Tuesday. It may just be the lonesome, yet stunning kick in the pants you need.