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This show is a benefit to coincide with the documentary Girls Rock!, which premiered at SIFF last night (and plays again tomorrow afternoon). The film profiles a camp that brings young girls all over the country to Portland for a week to teach the campers about rock and/or roll. One of the regular instructors is Carrie Brownstein, the amazing guitarist for Sleater-Kinney (my favorite band ever).

This is an early show (starting at the very rock and roll time of 2pm) at Chop Suey. The cover is $10 (or more – it is a benefit).

The details come from the film's MySpace page:

Now, we're getting ready for our even bigger U.S. Premiere at the Seattle international Film Festival over Memorial Day Weekend! Not only will our premiere be at the very cauldron of musical movements that influenced the Rock Camp, but all four of the girls we focused on in the movie will be there! Plus, a bunch of camp staff, other alumni and the extended camp family. It was looking to be so festive, we decided to have a big party/concert to celebrate, and thus was born the third edition of Girls Rock Fest.


In honor of the US Premiere of "Girls Rock!", this Girls Rock Fest will feature girls from the movie rocking it live, and other bands with women. See the 10-year-old Amelia's band King belt out their anthem "We Will Destroy our Destination" and Blubird (12-year-old duo) sing the ineffable line "Bush is such an idiot, why won't he sign the Kyoto Treaty!" alongside upcoming bands like Raining Jane. Most importantly, the all-ages show will also feature a music experimentation area run by the camp, where girls will be encouraged to try out guitars, effect pedals and other fun noise. It'll be like a mini-rock camp! They will also be encouraged to come on stage and try out the drums between bands. alot of this equipment, along with a guitar to be raffled, will be donated by the great folks at Fender. There will be special surprise appearances we're not ready to announce yet.

Here's the trailer to the film: