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Gui Boratto first ran into my radar when I heard Chromophobia in 2007 (Kompakt). Contrary to the album title, Gui promises that his music is full of color and rich light, and I'm likely to agree. That album has been one of the most played on my iPod and iMac in the last couple of years.

Gui's work is ambient dance, but that sounds much less accessible than it is. There is a very fine line separating good and bad dance music. As an electronic music fan, I see people grimace when you mention electronica. Chromophobia, and his newly released Take My Breath Away, are momentous and transcendent, inspired by ruffly glam and glimmering synths. This show will shake Nectar down to the beams. Don't miss Brazilian laptop extraordinaire Gui Boratto @ Nectar!

Hey guys… electronica is not the old techno that you used to rave to back in the candy kid days! Take a chance on Gui. Here's a taste with the video to his "Beautiful Life":

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