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The Cops 

As we all unfortunately know, not all good things can last forever. And, alas, The Cops have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus and play what may be the final show.

The original plan was for the band to have a big blowout "Rock and Roll Circus" at the Sunset at the end of 2008, but Mother Nature intervened and the final night was postponed due to the snow and rescheduled for what is now tonight.

If you like loud, guitar-driven rock and roll without an ounce of pretension, The Cops are right up your alley. For the last album, 2007's Free Electricity, I wrote in my review:

Free Electricity celebrates everything I hold dear in rock and roll: dual-part, jerky guitars riffs layered upon a hard-hitting drum beat with a bassist who is not left many openings yet somehow finds them and dives the tempo by weaving in and out of the ones he’s given, and then add on a singer with a powerful voice and enough range to fit the dark mood of each song. Free Electricity rocks with an urgency not commonly found in indie rock today. In fact, it's hardly fair to call the Cops an indie rock band (with all due respect, the Arcade Fire doesn’t rock this hard and neither does Wilco). I prefer to say the Cops are a classic rock band that hasn’t become classic – yet. They are a throwback rock and roll band free of bullshit, like in the tradition of Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, just with a garage-ier sound.

The Cops play at the Sunset tonight with The Sea Navy and Wallpaper, $10, 21+.

If that's not your cup of tea, here are some other options for your Saturday night:

  • "Chipfest" – Sascrotch/Kids Get Hit By Buses/Syphilis Sauna/Linoko/MC Firedrill/Circles/Square Wail, Vera*
  • Kim Virant/Ian Jones, Piecora's
  • 45th Parallel/Innuendo/Nancy Frieko, Wall Bar & Grill
  • Hijack Maria/Mighty Shiny/Mountain Kids Fantasy, Mars Bar
  • Natalie Wouldn't/Stay Tuned, Jules Maes
  • Strange Jerome {album release}/The Drews, The Mix
  • Leroy Bell & His Only Friends, Triple Door*
  • The Phenomenauts/The Punk Group/Maldroid, El Corazon*
  • Exile/DJ Day/Macklemore/Ninjaface, Nectar
  • Hoquiam, Full Tilt Ice Cream*
  • Susan Harper Conspiracy/Glenn Bell, High Dive {6pm}
  • Radio Nationals/Kristen Ward/Painted Hills, High Dive {late}
  • Slave Traitor/Nine Worlds/Hellgrammite, Funhouse
  • The Cops/The Sea Navy/Wallpaper, Sunset Tavern
  • The Wages Of Sin/My Life In Black & White, Tractor
  • North Twin/Chuckanut Drive/Williston/Drunken Prayer, Comet
  • D.I.M./Jerry Abstract/Anglo Satellite, Chop Suey
  • Classics Of Love/Mike Park/Dateless/The Damage Done, GRN STRP House {819 NE 70th St}*
  • Black Label Society/Dope/Anew Revolution/Archer, Showbox SoDo
  • Blue Scholars/Common Market, Neumo's*
  • Brett Dennen/Angus And Julia Stone, Showbox*