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Alison Mosshart*, the American vocalist and guitarist also known as "VV", and her British counterpart and guitarist Jamie Hince, a.k.a. "Hotel", make up The Kills, who play Neumos tonight with The Horrors and Magic Wands. 

The Kills represent garage rock and bluesy punk with a seductively sleazy style – like a trashy, smoke filled dive bar that's actually one of the coolest spots in town (if the Kills were a place in Seattle, they would probably be Cha Cha). Their sound has been compared to the White Stripes and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, though a bit slower paced with the drum-machine enabled rhythms and heavier on the staccato and chanting.

In my opinion, the Kills are the perfect way to unwind on a friday night.     

Here's a recent single called U R A Fever. from their third full length, Midnight Boom, with the full disclosure warning that this song will very likely be in your head for days, if not weeks:


 *Mosshart trivia: she's also the lead singer of the brand-spankin new band The Dead Weather, which features Jack White (White Stripes) on drums and will be in town at The Paramount in August.

Or, if you can't find your leather jacket perhaps, here are your other things going on tonight courtesy of the Three Imaginary Girls calendar:

  • Mike Doughty, Triple Door*
  • Jeff Samuel/Lusine/Pezzner/Sweet Beets/Kadeeja Streets/Suntzu Sound vs Kid Hops/Adlib, Chop Suey
  • Macnhester Orchestra/Fun/Audrye Sessions/Winston Audio, El Corazon*
  • Jesus Rehab/Will Wakefield & The Congress Hotel/Bend, Jules Maes
  • Publish The Quest/The B Foundation, Nectar
  • The Band G, High Dive {6pm}
  • Dept Of Energy/Brides Of Obscurity/Animals At Night/Blue Skies For Black Hearts, High Dive {late}
  • The Whore Moans/Rapids/Sioux City Pete & The Beggars, Funhouse
  • The Abodox/The Curious Mystery {album release}/Lonesome Shack, Sunset Tavern {late}
  • Cowboy Mouth/Dusty Rhodes & The River Band, Tractor
  • Old Time Relijun/Constant Lovers/Blood Red Dancers/Cold Cold Ground, Comet
  • Taylor Swift, Key Arena*
  • The Kills/The Horrors/Magic Wands, Neumo's
  • Stephen Lynch, Moore Theatre*