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Is the economy making bands and venues think up some irresistible line-ups? Leave it to the Seattle music scene to want to give their customers more band for their buck, as tonight the Sunset Tavern has the fun-filled line up of not-to-be-missed live show of Truckasaurus headlining, but also featuring a bill that will keep me there all evening.

After sets by DJ Same DNA and Keg, the beloved Mo-Fi Soul Rebellion will be grinding out some candy-noise, and then underground punk legends Chuck Yay-Grrr are reuniting (with inspiring-like-sunshine band member Holly, who more of you may know from her bass playing in The Saturday Knights and Lilydale) and that set in itself will be the main reason I'm hitting the Sunset scene.

And THEN Truckasaurus? What a Friday pre-Valentine's Day blast! (And be sure to bring a little extra cash to pick up the new Chuck Yay-Grrr album and maybe a t-shirt as well, the latter my wife might be wearing …)