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Ben Gibbard bundles up and braves the piano in Death Cab For Cutie's latest visual offering.

My only worry: Won't an eight-and-a-half minute video cut into all those Cribs repeats MTV's been incessantly airing lately?

In other news, another Narrow Stairs track ("Pity and Fear") leaked thanks to NPR and the magic of webripping. If you want to be even more confused, angry, or amused with Death Cab's new progression then, by all means, put your Googling skills to use.

Oh, and Ol' Benny G wrote a piece entitled "The Meaning of Life" for Paste, too. It explains a lot:

"I decided a handful of years ago that I just want to write songs that you can understand as soon as you put the record on. There’s no need to veil what’s happening in the song the way I used to."