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I feel like I somehow inadvertently saved the best for last. Viva was my very last interview of the weekend, and they were completely nice, completely funny, poised and full of all the information I wanted to hear. They really made me feel good about interviewing, since as I mentioned before, this was pretty much my crash course weekend in it.

What you don’t see in the video is Kevin picking me up at the end. I had completely flubbed up a special highfive he tried to give, and when we went to redo it, he surprised me by picking me up, squeezing me with a bear hug, and planting a huge kiss on my cheek. Talk about a band you want to hang out with later.

p.s. Kevin and Anita: I need to try these things you call “boiled peanuts.”

{Imaginary correspondent elle was an interviewing machine at Bumbershoot 2007, and Three Imaginary Girls is proud to present loads of her video interviews with some of your favorite bands from the Pacific Northwest, including Viva Voce, Aqueduct, the Trucks, and more! See all our Bumbershoot 2007 coverage!}