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WFNX and Coldplay are having a contest to select an opening act for Coldplay's Boston show on the Viva La Vida Tour. Check out the finalists and vote for your favorites here. Although the videos are unlabeled on the site, here are a few highlights:

TIG's very own contributing writer Sleepwalker and his band The Motion Sick, reviewed here by imaginary ash, are finalists with their single "30 Lives" (it's the video with the blue muscle car about halfway down). It's a splendid video and the song definitely gets my vote for the best of the bunch.

Also featured are Boston Bands Aloud, Township, Vinyl Skyway, Common Thrill, Hello Ninja, and numerous others.

I'm not sure when the voting period ends, but once the finalists get whiddled down to three by online voters, Coldplay themselves will make the final decision. So, again, check it all out and put in your votes.