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(In the interest of full disclosure, you all should know that I work at Sonic Boom and am going to be running this event.)


4AD and Sonic Boom Records have a present for you!


Come on down to the Sunset on Monday, October 5th. Around 8pm we will be showing a film by Rian Johnson (Brick, the Brothers Bloom) of John Darnielle performing The Life of the World to Come in its entirety at Pomona College, where Darnielle was a music student as a child. He is joined on vocals by Rachel from the Bright Mountain Choir, his original bassist with whom he first performed as the Mountain Goats.
When: Monday October 5th
Where: Sunset Tavern (21+)
How much: FREE!!
Why: ummm, because tMG are frakkin rad? Oh, and you get the chance to purchase the record a day early after the screening is over. No other place in town is doing this, so tMG nerds – don’t miss out!
After the movie, there will be DJs and drinks – so don’t rush off! You may just hear a cut or two from the John Vanderslice/Mountain Goats vinyl only EP, Moon Colony Bloodbath.