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Let’s just jump right in:

You’d best get yourselves to the Triple Door this Wednesday, July 28th for the latest installment of the City Arts Song Show. David Bazan will be headlining, along with pre-sets from THEESatisfaction and Ritchie Young (frontman for Portland’s Loch Lomond) — and we can pretty much guarantee that you won’t want to miss it.

Unfamiliar? Here’s the ish: City Arts has been putting on these installments of what they call The Song Show since about 2008. It’s a mostly awesome, potentially awkward glimpse into the minds and hearts of some of your favorite performers, as they couple intimate, mini power-sets with well-crafted CA-staffed interviews. Recent runs have included the likes of Matt Bishop (Hey Marseilles) and Damien Jurado as features, who both delivered staggering new songs — along with commentary on everything from real estate transactions to life on the road.

As mega-fans of most things David Bazan and Pedro the Lion, we can only cross our fingers that we’ll be catching some of our favorites — and on the odd chance you’re not familiar, here’s a thimbleful of what all the fuss is about, via a tour montage set to “Please Baby Please” from the official David Bazan & Band website.


{Doors open at 6pm, all ages, $20. For more information, you can visit the City Arts website here — and get your tickets in advance here. We’ll see you at the show!}