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Edith Frost is a favorite songstress of mine, so I thought I'd give the new Morning Recordings release, Welcome Kinetic, a chance. Frost lends her vocals on three tracks, including "Songs From a Hotel Bar," in which her beguiling lead vocals draw you into her soft warm world. Standing on an airy ambient base and anchored with deep woodsy cellos, Frost elevates this track to a very Low-esque zen level. The subdued notes and building instrumentation, including vibraphone, horns, pianos and hammered dulcimer, are simultaneously compelling and wonderfully snug.

Birthed in 2003 as a side project for ex-Melochrome Pramod Tummala, Morning Recordings' second full length achieves a wider sonic palette, collaging soporific underwater sounds and nighttime balladry. Welcome Kinetic is lush, with hints of Air, Mercury Rev, Low and Lambchop. Conjuring an astral Ennio Morricone, "Join the Curtains" rocks us into submission with ethereal dub-influenced monotones. This is a record for dreamy midnight listening or refreshingly misty mornings, for when you've let go of love and can't figure out how to make it return.

And now I want to go home and crawl into my cool, comfy bed of pleasure to read all day and contemplate the life choices I've made. That's how this cinematic and organically saccharine record makes you feel.