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Maybe because it's Saturday morning, not Saturday night, and I'm just not in the mood yet for dance music, but I'm not connecting to Jenny Dalton's Carbon Lily Remixes record. It's an album consisting of songs off her 2006 album Fleur de Lily that have been remixed into club music.

I'm noticing this trend more often, artists taking their previous works and having them re-interpreted as dance music. I don't know if I like the trend or not. It's not that the remixes are bad. They would be good in a club or a trendy bar.

The biggest benefit of the remixes was it led me to explore Jenny Dalton's website to hear songs off the original 2006 album and watch a multitude of videos. She has a lovely voice, with music that most closely resembles Tori Amos. I'll probably spend more time listening to Fleur de Lily than Carbon Lily.

I'd encourage checking out the website, and here's a video of one of the remixes – a dark and delicious song called "Cadence."