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In one breath we close the books on 2008, in the next we inhale to scream with giddiness about all the great Northwest (and some non-Northwest) records and shows slated for our pretty ears in 2009!

We asked around and our staffers are counting down to:

imaginary liz: The Thermals' next album (currently slated for April 2009). The Thermals The Thermals The Thermals The Thermals The Thermals. The Thermals. BOAT (haven't they been 'in the studio' for months now?). And I've already proclaimed the New Matt & Kim (releasing next week) as my favorite album of 2009 (at least so far).

Imaginary Kiku:
I'm looking forward to whatever BOAT is cooking up in their studio. Also, Throw Me the Statue, The Boy Least Likely To, Mirah and Art Brut.

Amelia Gyde: Sleepy Eyes of Death has a cd release show for Dark Signals 1/17 at Neumos. Can't wait!

Chris Estey: The new Long Winters album is something to dream on, huh?

sero(tone)in: NW bands who should release albums this year: Grand Archives, Man Plus, Telekinesis, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Visqueen (has to happen sometime right?), Slender Means. The Murder City Devils reunion should be a blast. And new Superchunk Clambakes session, Merge's "Score" series.

ChrisB: The other night I had gotten to hear a few songs from the forthcoming Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground record and I gotta say, they sounded fan-fucking-tastic. I've been saying all year that they are the best band in Seattle and I bet this record is even better than the previous one. I heard the next USE record has been recorded and I can't wait to hear it. I really, really hope that it comes out in 2009. Sleepy Eyes of Death has their CD release show 1/17 at Neumo's and I'm also very curious to hear it. I'm sure it'll be very good.

I really enjoyed A-Frames' Black Forest from a few years ago and they're joined up with Climax Golden Twin (now called AFCGT) and their CD release show is 1/11. I'm anxious to hear what that sounds like.

Shrie: I'm REALLY excited about the new Animal Collective coming out later this month. I've heard a promo copy and it's killer!

keenan dowers: Stuff I'm looking forward to –

NW Stuff:
Connecticut Four debut EP or full length (hopefully to be recorded this year)
Police Teeth – Real Size Monster Series (out in February)
New BOAT LP and single (both out sometime this year)
New Visqueen!!!
New Thermals!!!
New Long Winters!!!
Telekinesis full length!!!

Non NW Stuff:
Casper and the Cookies Modern Silence (due out in March, hopefully)
New Apples In Stereo Record? (Hey, a girl can dream)
Afternoon Naps LP (hopefully out by this summer!)
Hat Company record (hopefully to be finished sometime this year)
Anything new from Fishboy

How about you? What are you looking forward to in 2009?