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On a recent visit to the Wrens message board, I found out about this little gem:


Will Sheff covers Charles Bissell, Charles Bissell covers Will Sheff

Stepping up to the plate to ensure that the 7" doesn't go the way of the dodo bird are Will Sheff and Charles Bissell, who each covers a song written by the other. Sheff covers "Ex-Girl Collection" which Bissell wrote and performed with his band Wrens (from their album The Meadowlands). Bissell covers "It Ends With A Fall" which Sheff wrote and performed with his band Okkervil River (from their album Down the River of Golden Dreams).The project was initially conceived to celebrate the two songwriters collaborating on the road in early 2008 when Bissell joined Okkervil River as lead guitarist for a few months.

You can purchase directly through Jagjaguwar mail-order here.

And now, I'm sure I'll lose a few more hours at work figuring out my top choices of "cover each other" imaginary 7" releases… I'd start picking from the recent heavy rotation pool of Andrew Bird, Pinback, Wrens, the Frames, the Kinks, the Long Winters, Harvey Danger, and DCfC. Maybe Glen Hansard doing "Carlotta Valdez" and Sean Nelson taking on the vocals of "Mighty Sword"? Guh. Or how about Death Cab covering "Charborg"and Pinback covering "President of What?" or "Pictures In An Exhibition"?

I think I just had an accident.

Any other imaginary suggestions?