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{Photo Credit: Jay Reatard MySpace Page}

Riding a cloud of hair, animal magnetism and sweat, Jay Reatard will descend upon Seattle October 15th, to rock the Croc. Touring on the unbelievably infectious Watch Me Fall, Reatard brings his own brand of finesse to punk and indie rock with whispers of folk to create a self-labeled “homemade” sound. It is incredibly accurate. The tracks off of Watch Me Fall are exactly that. They have a certain warmth and tightness to them that shows his attachment to them, and the fact that they are home recordings make them one of a kind. This is not to say that they are warm and fuzzy; these tracks have teeth. Reatard has a similar loveable quality as Joey Ramone- though he is punk at his core, there is something of a kinder, gentler, more playful quality, as opposed to those of his more sneering, more profoundly nihilistic, contemporaries.

You might be saying to yourself, devoted and cherished readers of Three Imaginary Girls, “Wow! This guy sounds awesome! I would love to see a show like that! How do I do this?” The answer, friends, is as simple as remembering Wesley Willis lyrics. To enter to win 2 free tickets for you and a friend to see Jay Reatard, send an e-mail to with the words “watchmefall” in the subject line no later than Tuesday, September 29th at 9:00 AM.

Reatard will be brining the proverbial party in his pants, his do, and his sound, so come ready to rock, to dance, and catch a sweaty hairy guy if he jumps into the crowd. You still have time. Do some barbell curls- get those arms gun show ready.

He will be bringing fellow Shattered Records bands Cheap Time, Box Elders, and Lover! in tow, so eat your Wheaties, because you’re gonna need the stamina.

For more information about Jay Reatard, check our his website or his MySpace page.

To further illustrate what kind of night you’re in for, check out his video for “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me”