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{Photo Credit: J. Cultice, Band MySpace Page}

Hang on to your hacky sacks and flannels, Seattle-ites! Prepare yourselves for a blast from the past so strong, you’ll remember the taste of Crystal Pepsi. The Meat Puppets are on tour and are making a stop at Chop Suey on September 23rd. This is the third leg of the longest tour they have done in a single year since 1994, according to their publicist. They will be playing 25 song-long set lists, with tracks off of the exceptional new album Sewn Together, as well as reaching in the vaults to dust off some classics, some rarities, and perhaps a few surprises. Old and new fans alike are guaranteed to be thrilled by the offerings of the brothers Kirkwood and their band of merry rockstars. Fans can help create setlists for the night the Meat Puppets come to their town by e-mailing them at Dead Confederate and Ume will also be joining them onstage.

An e-mail can get you something else too, you know. By the powers of technology barely recognized in 1994, you can be the lucky winner of 2 free tickets to see the Meat Puppets. E-mail us at for the chance to win tickets for you and a friend to rock out with your Doc Martins out! Simply put the words “inthebackwaterswirling” in the subject line and send your entry in by Monday, 9/21 at 9:00 AM to win.

For those who are not so lucky as to win the drawing, tickets are reasonably priced at $15 in advance and $17 at the door. Doors are at 8 PM. This show is 21+, so those of you who were probably still in utero when these guys were making their big break are out of luck.

To hear tracks off of Sewn Together, check out their MySpace page.

As further incentive, please check out their latest video for Rotten Shame.