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photo by steve louie

{Tullycraft photo by Steve Louie}

Holy indie pop incredibleness! Do you miss Tullycraft as much as I do? It’s only been less than a year since their farewell set at San Francisco Popfest (which still gives me chills just thinking about), but just knowing that there may be another chance to sing along to such glorious pop gems makes me happy. Well, this isn’t a new Tullycraft record, but the next best thing: all your favorite (well, at least my favorite) indie pop bands together on one comp covering their favorite Tullycraft songs!

The wonderful folks who are putting the comp together put up an experiment of sorts on the site Kickstarter (a great website for getting funding for projects!) to see if they could raise a little scratch to make this cover compilation huge; to spread the love of Tullycraft to the masses! Only if they raise their amount will you be charged. Think of it like a pre-order: by paying in advance, you get tons of awesome benefits!

Full band list after the jump.

Darren Hanlon & Rose Melberg (just thinking about this makes me swoon so hard!)
Hot Lava
The Medusa Snare (members of Manhattan Love Suicides)
Galactic Heroes
The Smittens
Casper & The Cookies (ex Of Montreal)
Folklore (Jimmy from Elf Power)
Hotpants Romance
The Special Places (Corianton & Jenny from Tullycraft, getting a little meta there)
LA Tool & Die
The Besties (their last recorded song!)
Poison Control Center
The Awesomelies
Math & Physics Club (get a sneak peek at their song if you pick up their Record Store Day only floppy 7″ at Jigsaw Records!)
Japanese Master Track
Sprites (when was the last time this band put something out?!)
Moustache of Insanity