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There may be a few ways you’ve heard of the musician best known as Car, the garden (dubbed this strange name because it sounds like his given name): as a fan of fun, sweet and danceable music from Korea, as a fan of Kdramas (he has a ton of sound tracks under his belt for Korean television), or you simply stumbled upon his greatness. However you got there, being a fan of his music is a rejuvenating mix of ballads, dance tunes and romantic melodies.

Admittedly, I’m not exactly the demographic Car, the garden expects at his shows. On Monday night at The Crocodile he, along with his band, serenaded us. Most of his banter was in Korean (understandably so) and the little bit of the language I’ve managed to stick in my brain was of no help, much to my chagrin. Just being surrounded by excited folks chatting got me buzzing so I had an incredible time regardless. If you haven’t heard of this musician, I highly recommend you find a good youtube playlist or, even better, buy an album. In the meantime check out the photos I captured during his performance and I think you’ll get a good feel for not only his music, but his endearing and kind personality.