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The last time I was really, really starstruck was in late 2005. I went to the Seattle Public Library to see my favorite living American writer, Joan Didion, read from her new-at-the-time memoir The Year of Magical Thinking. I was so nervous to meet my literary heroine that I’m sure I was shaking throughout the time standing in line and when I finally got to the front to have my book signed, I’m sure I couldn’t mutter “it’s nice to meet you and I love your writing”. I’m sure I got through half of that.

The memoir was the story of how her husband, the writer John Gregory Dunne, and daughter Quintana both died within a very short period of time. Shortly thereafter, Didion adapted her book into a one-woman play for the stage and when it premiered on Broadway a few years ago, Vanessa Redgrave played Didion.

The Intiman Theater began showing their production of The Year of Magical Thinking on August 21 and it will run through September 20. I’m planning on seeing it Wednesday night, so I’ll try to come back with a review after. In the meantime, the play is directed by Sarna Lapine and features the actress Judith Roberts playing Didion.

For more information, including purchasing tickets, visit the Intiman’s website.