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Our post earlier this week to introduce you to Heligoats, currently a one-man outfit {also known as Chris Otepka} included a quote from NPR where the writer alluded to a previous band he fronted with whom we weren't familiar, called Troubled Hubble. It was something to the equivalent of "criminally underrated" — hold on, let's get the exact quote… criminally unheralded. Even better.

Well, our friends out in the imaginary stratosphere {thanks Stephanie!} took to quick measures to make sure we were all on the up-and-up with Troubled Hubble's capacity for amazingness — hence the video above for what might possibly be one of the best (new-to-us) songs we've heard all year, "14,000 Things To Be Happy About."

BRB, we're going to go put this on repeat for the next two hours. Fingers crossed for some TH songs next Friday night!