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I drank too much coffee today and returned to my desk to prepare notes for my statistics class tomorrow. As the numbers swirled around my head uncomfortably, I thought I might like to enhance the experience with some backing music.

Yip-Yip popped up. Remember that scene in every '80s movie where the kid who was secretly an experimental military robot played the Atari games and somehow, everything sped up, the score flipped and flickered rapidly, and then the console caught on fire? Of course you do.

The '80s closed out and the scene rarely again emerged in modern films, but Yip-Yip did not give up. They continued making the musical accompaniment for this specific scene and will continue to do so until D.A.R.Y.L II: The Revenge of the Robot Kid comes out.

You can listen to a bunch of their spastic 8-bit inspired tunes and play their Breakout-clone video game over at the Yip-Yip media vault.  

They're definitely many standard deviations from the mean.