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Just read the review of hometown chanteuse Brandi Carlile's latest, The Story. I haven't heard the full record, so I can't comment on the 4.8. But I do want to chime in about the lyrics in "Turpentine." ChrisB calls out Brandi for plugging in the words "all messed up" when something stronger could've — should've — been there instead. In fact, this is an old song, one of Brandi's mainstays at live shows. That word "messed" has always been "fucked" in the live venue. My hunch is that she simply recorded the track with the radio-friendly "messed up" so that she could get airplay.

Sure, some artists record radio edits in addition to the album version, and I'm somewhat surprised Brandi's camp didn't suggest this (longtime fans will no doubt snicker at the word "messed" as well). But I can bet she'll still sub in the f-bomb in most live shows.