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Arana the kitty. From petfinder.comI'm sure you're already aware that June is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month (how do they come up with these things?). That means there's only 4 more days* to find your new best friend. Act now! For a limited time!* One easy payment of $89.99. And with your purchase of your new found friend, you will also get a free spay or neuter! And if you act now, you'll also get a free bag of cat food! But wait… there's more!!! If you go out and get your cat today, you will also receive a coupon book from Mud Bay for massive discounts.

Ok, seriously. The pretty kitty pictured is Arana. She's up for adoption. Check our her profile.

Does anyone have a feel-good, warm-and-fuzzy kitty story to share?

*it really isn't for a limited time. You can adopt anytime.