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Taken from this article:

James Blunt's multimillion-selling ballad "You’re Beautiful" has been voted the most irritating song of all time.

Despite reaching number one in 11 countries and making the singer a star around the world, the track polled more votes than "Axel F" by Crazy Frog.

Other tracks in the top 10 included "Mmm Bop" by Hanson, "Mr. Blobby" by Mr. Blobby, and "The Birdie Song" by the Tweets.

Reported by London's The Sun newspaper, John Sewell of market researcher company said the result was a surprise.

He added: James Blunt isn’t the obvious choice, but any song that is at number one for so long does start to get annoying."

"You're Beautiful" was number one for five weeks in the U.K. in 2005.

The full top 10 for OnePoll's Most Irritating Song of All Time is as follows:

1. "You’re Beautiful" – James Blunt
2. "Axel F" – Crazy Frog
3. "MMMBop" – Hanson
4. "Mr. Blobby" – Mr. Blobby
5. "Birdie Song" – The Tweets
6. "Shout" – Lulu
7. "Agadoo" – Black Lace
8. "Grace Kelly" – Mika
9. "My Heart Will Go On" – Celine Dion
10. "Macarena" – Los Del Rio