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Best of 2007: imaginary stella's picks

It’s always odd to revisit what you’ve reviewed over the course of a year. Sometimes, much can change – as after subsequent listenings, you realize that record you thought was pretty decent just blows (see The Killers’ Sam’s Town) or you come to love an album that you’d previously dismissed as mediocre (see “Into the […]

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Top 50 Northwest Releases of 2004: the Imaginary Readers' Poll Results {30-21}

#30 Robb Benson — The Tree Mind (Roam Records) {official website} * {buy it} * {tig review}     #29 Viva Voce — Heat Can Melt Your Brain (Minty Fresh) {official website} * {buy it}     #28 Pleasurecraft — Lost Patterns (Pleasurecraft Music) {official website} * {buy it} * {tig review}     #27 […]

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Sit Down For Staying


Nearly a decade ago, while living in Eugene, Oregon, a band came onto my radar that blew me away. They were nothing like all the gritty punk bands that also called that town home, nor the bouncy, flash-in-the-pan, horn-infusion acts like Cherry Poppin' Daddies. This band was dark, moody, their sound awash in reverberating beauty. […]

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