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Summer lovin’, had me some jams!

I recommend all these tunes because apparently I can't stop playing 'em: here's a quick alphabetical assessments of what's been hummin' in my iPod on Metro the past few weeks! The Blank Tapes, "Coast To Coast" from the album Vacation A little Zombies-meets-Badfinger surf hippie flower power pop from this (not surprising) SoCal band. The Blank […]

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Single Spotlight: The Purrs' "Rotting On The Vine" b/w "You, The Medicine and Me"

Seattle's melodic and menacing The Purrs have a new 45 single out, their first for esteemed new local label Fin Records. It arrived on this past December 4, 2012 into record stores, the mailboxes of bedsit-basement vinyl hoarders, and dingy drug fronts all over Seattle (what, you think that store on 1st just sells "hats"? […]

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