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Well, if non-mainstream rock bands had their day earlier this year, we can now safely say the adult contemporary is having its day. Likely helped along by all those eager Mothers' Day purchases, the two of biggest splashes on the Billboard Charts this week are Michael Buble and Barbra Streisand.

The closest anything that might be TIG-like came was a certain Icelandic singer named Bjork debuting at #9 (not bad, not great). The late Elliot Smith did his best Notorious B.I.G. impression by having his posthumous album debut at #24. Travis (the UK band that I pretty much now like for their great cover of "…Baby One More Time") made it in at #58.

Tori Amos? Down a mere 37 spots from #5 to #42. Feist? A lively drop of 19 spots to #35. Apparently the moms just ain't into Miss Feist.